If you’re like me it’s October and you’re thinking about Thanksgiving and what to cook to make your dining and entertaining experience simple and sensational.

Bring on the Brine: The “big bird” is usually the focus of the whole meal. You don’t want a dry, burnt yet under-cooked bird, do you? Two words: Brine and Bag. Once I discovered the brine and turkey bag, I have never hosted a thanksgiving dinner without them. A brine is a warm one-one cup salt/sugar solution with aromatics like orange rinds, bay leave, cloves, garlic, thyme and garlic. I place the washed and cleaned turkey in a deep pot with the brine and into the refrigerator for 2-3 days. Day prior to thanksgiving, I remove the turkey from the brine and placing it in a pan with an herbed rub under the skin and rub paprika on top to bring out the perfect coloring. Day of, bring it to room temperature while the oven is warming up 325-375 degrees. Place it in the turkey bag per the instruction. Once baked, let the bird rest and recoup and reap your reward—a succulent and savory sensation. Once you brine and bag you’ll never go back. Let me know if you try it and like it.

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