So you are thinking of selling your home and know that you need to declutter and remove some personal items. That’s great!  But you go to Pinetrest and feel overwhelmed by the options to decorate your home to prepare it for sale, right? STOP. Before you break the bank, keep some cash in your pocket and important information to help sell your home for top dollar in a cinch.  Learn the distinctions between staging and decorating, which will help save you time and money.


Ever go to a new home and the model home is decorated and you want to sign the contract right away to buy the house?  The staging is appealing to your senses, answering the intrinsic question, what could I do in this space?   Proper and minimal placing of furniture, plate settings or a small picture will help the buyer connect with the home and not just a house.  Staging sells feelings. That’s what moves people to act and make an offer.


Decorating appeals to a theme such as hunting, billiards, gentlemen’s home or winter, fall etc, which are specific to style and taste. Decorating is a personal preference of the seller or homeowner and may not interest the prospective buyers.  It may be decorated well for one but it will be too dark to colorful etc. for others. Usually the response to buyers is I don’t like furniture. ..When selling you want to minimize the objections.


STAGING IS SUGGESTIVE                             VS.                         DECORATING IS DIRECTIVE


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Emmanuella R. Belzince

The Southern Atlanta Home Company

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